Web Design Process

It is important to us that the website we develop for you not only meets your requirements, but that you are genuinely happy with the finished result!

To meet both these objectives and provide you with clear development milestones all our website design projects follow these process stages:

Initial Consultation

First we need to get a clear understanding of what it is you wish to achieve by having a new website designed or an existing site given a 'makeover'. This is usually be done via an initial telephone conversation followed by further conversations and email correspondance. What we need to find out:

  • What is the purpose of the website and who will be its target audience
  • Detailed information about your products, services and business identity
  • Examples of other advertising and media you are involved with
  • Any specific ideas that you have already for the website
  • Your budget and timescales involved

Once we are happy that we have all the infomation we need we will provide you with a detailed Design Brief. This clearly describes your objectives and includes our recommendations, as well as a fixed price quotation for the work involved.

Note: For all web design projects we ask for a non-refundable upfront payment for aproximately a third of the overall cost, with the remainder payble on completion.

Planning and Design

Assuming you wish to go ahead, we will first get to work planning the structure of your website. While the visual aspects of a website are important, even more important is the structure. Sure your website needs to look nice, but if the information it contains is not well organised, not only will it be be difficult for the user to navigate, but the search engines will have a hard time finding it as well. Often during this process we will ask you for more information, or discuss with you your preference where there are several design options available.

Once we have planned the structure of your website, and taking into account any design preferences that you may have such as colours, images, fonts, logos etc... we will then produce a design mock-up for you. This will usually be produced in Photoshop and will be sent to you as number of images showing you what the various sections of the website will look like. We will then take any feedback you have and work with you to refine the design any way you choose. Only when we are satisfied that the design meets your requirements will we proceed further.

Website Development

At this point we will start building your website. All our websites are coded using the latest web standards, tested to ensure they are compatible with the main web browsers, and optimised for the most popular internet search engines.

The end result of this stage will be a fully functioning website running on one of our test servers for you to access and review. Whether or not the actual content is all included will depend on what we've agreed, as it is common that clients will add some of the content themselves during the final stage before completion.

Testing and Delivery

While we work with you to add any remaining content to the website we also carry out any final testing required. At this stage we will take feedback from you and carry out any minor changes that might need to be made, but any larger changes at this point may be chargeable. In the case of CMS websites, forums or websites with other bespoke functionality we also provide any training that we have agreed.

Website Mainteanance

Once your new website is live it is important to keep it updated. If you opt for a CMS based website or you have some in-house coding skills then you may choose to keep it updated yourself. Alternatively if you would like us to keep it updated for you on an on-going basis, then we will be happy to help.

We offer free support on all the websites we develop that includes minor changes to the design and content over the life-time of the website. For CMS based websites, E-commerce websites, Forums and other bespoke applications we also offer very low-cost maintenance plans to ensure that these applications are always on the latest version and have the latest security patches applied.

Note: While all our websites are optimised for the most popular search engines you might also like to consider our Search Optimisation service.